Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So long Valentine's...Hello break time!!

It's too late to say happy Valentines day since it is now gone again for another year. I do have to say that I think that it is one of my least favorite holidays. I am not a huge fan of anyone thinking that they have to do something for someone else just because it is a "holiday." This year my boyfriend and I decided to fore go the normal Valentine traditions and just stay home and relax together. With life the way it is after Jamie and I going and doing some normal Saturday afternoon errands one of his friends called and asked if we wanted to go over to his house. We had decided to make ourselves dinner that night but he said he was making chicken and baked potatoes so we were invited if we'd bring something along to go with dinner; so after a short while I had made a spinach salad and my favorite Skor bar dessert. We ended up having a great night with his friend and girlfriend - great dinner, conversation and we watched several episodes of the miniseries "Band of Brothers." Even though we ended up out we still had an excelled day overall.
I was just happy to relax with all the work that I have been attempting to get done in the last week. This is one of those semesters where the work is all due at the same time. Thankfully the spring break starts in three days and like everyone else my countdown is one. I'm not going south or even away for that matter but it will be nice to know that I can sit down everyday and work on assignments that are do after the break so that they'll be finished and I won't have to worry about them later. Now don't think that I am planning to work for the entire break; days are for work and nights are for fun. I've been so busy lately than in general I have neglected some of my closest friends and I am going to rectify that next week! I will definitely be getting some well deserved sleep. I had so much on my plate the last while that one night I ended up with insomnia because my brain just kept going and going. So even though I want to get some work done ahead I plan on giving myself a good two full days of rest (if not more) on this break.
This is also a bitter sweet time for me because although I am home and relaxing Jamie still has to head off to school everyday and his break is the following week. It would be nice for us to have some time off together because everyone knows what happens when school lets out in the spring - work! Oh well, we can't always get everything now can we.
Since next week will likely be a very busy one I will give a full update once the week is over.
Until then!

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