Monday, January 26, 2009

A Different Kind of Stress

It seems like forever since I've written but I guess when you're busy time just flies. Hard to believe that we're only a couple of weeks into the semester. I feel as though I have so much work to do when in fact it is still very little. It likely feels this way since I am also trying to get my applications out for fall programs. The deadlines approach so fast that you can hardly believe it. All I can say is one step at a time and everything will get done in time.
Besides having to get those applications out I am having a hard time balancing my school work with everything else that seems to be coming up to be done or to focus on instead of sitting and doing work. Its been an exciting time with all the coverage of Barack Obama's inauguration and the announcement of Oscar contenders for this year. I made a strategic plan as to when I was going to work and when I was going to take time for myself to see friends and have fun. It started out well last week, I did everything on the days I scheduled and I was on track with my work. Friday was a turning point. One of my classes was canceled because my professor was ill. This through off all my plans for the day. I had only brought enough work for two hours and now it had turned into six before the girls I car pool with would be heading home. I had to improvise; I started working ahead of my schedule which sounds good in theory, but ended up throwing me off for the entire weekend. Friday night I knew was going to be a write off as I was going to see Robocop as a midnight movie with Jamie (the boyfriend) and some friends. Of course a midnight movie means getting home in the early hours and sleeping in late. I did start working on Saturday but plans arose for dinner out with friends, which lead to watching a movie at at friend's place and then going home to bed. Sunday wasn't too bad I worked in the morning and headed off to a baby shower in the that's a reality check, to see one of your close friends having their first baby (hard to believe that my friends are at that point in their lives). So here we are today, my afternoon class still being canceled because of illness so I'm working away to catch up on what should have been done sooner. So on my stress level-o-meter I'm at about a 6. Once I have my first application out and some work caught up I will be less stressed.
I decided to share one thing that always makes me feel happy in times of stress...enjoy the video!
Until next time,

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Here are a few of my favorite things....

Ok so I know it sounds like I'm going to talk to you about the Sound of Music but I'm not. Since we're still not too far into the winter term I thought that maybe this would be a good time to share some of my favorite things. When you're a student you have plenty to keep you occupied - school, activities, friends, etc. But sometimes you just need to do some things for yourself. So I thought that I would break down a list of things that I like (which are non-school related); some you might like, some you might not, but hey people always say to share so here we go!
1) Books - I'm not the most avid reader in the world (besides what I'm required for classes) and I tend to read what some would call "fluff" otherwise; but right now I have to say that my reading selections are anything other than. My boyfriend made the decision to give me George Orwell's Animal Farm and 1984 for Christmas. I was a little unsure before I got going but Animal Farm was interesting and now that I'm into 1984 I understand why so many people either love or hate it.
2) Music - my taste in music is eclectic and I tend to listen to just about anything (with a few exceptions). I am a big Beatles fan and have almost all of the albums to listen to. When I had a rough day and I need to calm down its all about Jack Johnson; he's cool and calming. Most of the time it's really a mix, usually dance music....I almost hate to admit it but the new Britney Spears is pretty catchy.
3) Television - ok so I know as a student you'll have little time for t.v. or you won't have cable which limits your viewing abilities but being able to stop your work for an hour to go watch a show I find is a great break. House M.D. is by far my favorite show on right now. There is great writing, great characters and I sometimes feel smarter after the show has ended. Now I do watch other things:ER, Law & Order: SVU...see a pattern :P Like most girls I do have guilty pleasure shows (you know the ones I'm talking about - they're brainless and you only watch them for fun). Well right now mine is the Bachelor (I know some of you probably thought I would say American Idol but unlike the 98% of people who watch it, I can't stand it).
4) Movies - Last but not least by far my favorite way to spend my time. I love going to the movies or watching them at home. I have so many favorites that it's hard to choose them, but there are a few that I think everyone should see (and they're not all old classics):Seven which is my favorite movie gives you the chance you use your brain while you enjoy the spoils of a psychological thriller; Mamma Mia! and Rent, two different ends of the spectrum - one is just for fun while the other deals with some issues in a very different way; Saved!, not much to say but that give it a chance (a friend of mine kept lending his copy to other people and has replaced it 4/5 times because people don't want to give it back); pretty much anything with Johnny Depp or by Tim Burton because they're both fantastic in their own ways; and last but not least BATMAN! I think everyone should see them all because they are all unique but if you need to choose everyone should see the Dark Knight because its amazing in all ways, and the original Adam West/Burt Ward movie and/or series because its just so retro.
That's my list! Let me know what you would put on your own lists!
'till next time - ciao!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

OMG 2009 is already started! Hold onto your seats!

Welcome back! The holiday rush is over and everyone has had at least some time to relax (I hope). I'll give you the brief recap of the holiday leading up to where I am right now.
After all my finals finished I was just glad to be home and not worry about classes for a few weeks. With 99% of my holiday preparations being completed I was able to just do nothing. I was lucky this holiday to have friends home from different parts of the country, and like most people in their 20s (or 30s for a select few of my friends) it was nice to just get together and have some fun. On Dec 21 I took my boyfriend to see the Australian Pink Floyd concert (it was a surprise Christmas gift). It was fantastic considering that before that night my knowledge of Pink Floyd's music was limited. I spent Christmas with my family and did all the traditional stuff. The majority of the rest of the break was a muddled mess of who's going where and what's going on. New Year's was interesting; our whole group of friends headed out to the Barnyard Barbecue in Moncton and had some great food and drinks. I'm not the biggest New Year's fan so my boyfriend and I decided to head home early and watch a movie. Well that catches you up on the break, so now what?
I can't believe that we're January 7th and the course/lecture material will be coming at us full force. Now I have been on campus the last couple of days taking care of tuition, books, forms that I needed to fill out, as well as those first introductory classes where you find out what's expected of you. This is an exciting (and strenuous) time for me. This is it, my final semester of my undergrad degree! Its a surreal feeling to know that I am so close to the finish line but there is a wave of panic which comes with it. I am applying for Graduate School, as well as a Bachelor of Education degree; I need to get myself going and get my applications in so I can weigh my options for the fall. Will I get in? Who knows but I am not going to sit and do nothing. So now to find the proper balance between school, job and future. Can it be done? Stay tuned to find out!