Thursday, April 23, 2009

I can't believe it's the end....

Well, this is it, the end of the line for me.
All my papers and assignments have been handed in and I wrote my very last Mount Allison final last night. I am officially done all the work for my undergraduate degree! It was a strange happy yet sad feeling when I woke up this morning. That feeling that you no longer are required to do any work or for me to have to commute every day to Sackville is great; but it's also hard knowing that people that you have become close to, whether they be Profs, faculty or friends, you no longer will be seeing them everyday. I guess that is the joy of technology - one can stay connected without really being there to have an actual connection. Unlike some other of my fellow graduating students I hope to not being going far off. I actually have an interview this afternoon at Atlantic Baptist University (in Moncton) for their Bachelor of Education program. If I get in I am able to stay here in Moncton close to my friends and family, and even though some of my friends will be leaving I will be in driving distance to visit some of them and others, well this is why we have an airport!
So I guess it's time to find a summer job and have some fun in case I am going back to school in the fall. If you've been following my blog I hope that I was able to give some perspective that being a mature student doesn't mean that you need to give up your life, you will adapt (quickly). And please feel free to send me questions if you have any, just because I am done doesn't mean I can't still answer questions about life at MtA.
I guess that's it for me so I am off!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

What a blast from the past!

Hello all!Sorry for the delay since my last post but its been crazy trying to get to the end of the term in one piece. I'll fill you in on some of the more important highlights of what's been happening since my last blog.
On the education front I am wrapping up my term nicely. I have 2 papers left to write which haven't been started, one paper 1/2 complete and another which is being tweaked to perfection. Besides that I have 3 exams to write and then I will be done with all my required academic work for Mount A. It's a little bitter sweet at this point I have to say; I am glad to be finished but yet don't really want to leave the Mount A community which I have come to love. Thankfully for me I won't be going very far. I had applied for a B.Ed. at Atlantic Baptist University and am pleased to announce that I have an interview the day after my final exam. I have given myself a couple options for if I don't get in but I am thinking positively that I can do this.
As for more exciting news I have a couple pieces. First my good friend Lisa and her hubby Brad welcomed a beautiful baby boy on Monday night. I was lucky enough to have the chance to visit with mom and baby on Tuesday afternoon for about an hour. I have to say that it is an exciting time to see your friends getting married and having children. Even though I am not at that point quite yet I'm glad for them. Secondly, Jamie (my boyfriend) and I went to the airport with his mom last Saturday night to welcome his brother home for a visit. This was kind of a bizarre concept for me because Jeremy (his brother) and I were in the same elementary class. The last time that I can remember actually seeing him was the 5th grade - that was 17 years ago!! Now Jamie and I never knew each other until last year so the fact that his brother and I were in the same class is a complete coincidence, of which Jamie and I seem to have an abnormal amount of. Being at the airport waiting for him to come home I wondered if he would even remember me after all that time but sure enough he did. Tuesday night Jamie and I had him over for dinner. It gave us all a chance to just talk and catch up, because its been a while since the boys have seen each other as well; not 17 years but a couple at least. We have plans to go out to their mom's this weekend for a family gathering and Saturday night we're going to go and see a band that one of Jeremy's friends plays in.
It has been quite a strange blast from the past to be spending time with Jeremy after all these years but it's nice too. Oh and it's an end of an era kids - ER series finally tonight!! I must get back to work if I ever want to be done. I will update you again soon.